What Are Nasturtium Flowers

Because of their seemingly sudden fame, many have been known to wonder "what are nasturtium flowers?" They are simply very easy to grow annuals that reseed themselves and provide a wealth of other benefits as well. The fact that they grow so easily gives them an advantage over many other flowers and plants used in gardening today. However, they are also completely edible which is another reason that they have become so popular. The leaves are used in a variety of salads and sauces and provide the perfect spice for various spreads and butters. The flowers also offer a peppery taste but are a bit milder than the leaves. The seeds can be eaten as well and are pickled as capers.

Growing Nasturtium

Now that your question of "what are nasturtium flowers" has been answered you may be ready to grow these beauties yourself. Growing them is fairly easy and they require very little care during the growing period. You will need to plant them about ten inches apart and no more than one inch into the soil. Depending on the temperature in your area when you plant, you may see them begin to grow in just a few days. Most will see them in no more than ten days. The flowers will begin to bloom in about 55 to 65 days. Once they are planted you should be sure not to give them too much water. They tend to not like wet conditions. Water them as soon as you plant them and then not again for at least a week to ten days.

Different Varieties

There are many different varieties of nasturtium available. Those who want a climbing plant will find the dwarf varieties to be a beautiful choice. Remember to give them plenty of support and train them during growth to get them to vine properly up trellises and walls. You can also plant them in flower boxes and hanging baskets on your patio. Just remember to offer them plenty of direct sunlight. Color varieties may vary greatly as well. Basic colors are yellow, red and orange but some varieties come in vibrant jewel tones such as maroon, scarlet and other beautiful hues. Pastel colors are also available. When choosing your type of plant be sure to also choose a selection of colors. The more colors you have the more beautiful your garden will be and hummingbirds love the mixture of colors as well as the nectar from the blooms.

Where Can I Find Recipes for Nasturtium Flowers?

You will find many online sites that offer recipes for the leaves and flowers of the nasturtium plants as well as various nasturtium caper recipes for the seeds. If you like a spicy taste then this is definitely the plant for you. Use the leaves and flowers in various salads and soups or add them to fish and meat dishes as well. The plant is very versatile and you should be able to find many recipes that suit your specific tastes.

What Are Nasturtium Flowers