Nasturtium Plants

Nasturtiums are a very commonly found plant these days as more and more people are becoming aware of their edible qualities. They are very easy to grow from seeds and can add beautiful coloring to any garden area. Nasturtium plants typically put out vibrant yellow, red or orange blooms in both dark and pastel hues. The blooms rise above the foliage in most cases and the foliage itself comes in rich bluish green colors. The plants are completely edible from the leaves to the blooms and even the seeds are completely edible. They have a peppery taste and can accent any dish. The blooms have been used for a variety of dishes and the leaves are commonly tossed in with salads for an extra zing of flavor.

Where to Buy

You will likely not find any nasturtium plants at your local gardening center. Because they are so easy to grow and they germinate so quickly, nasturtiums are typically sold as seeds. In order to enjoy the beautiful plants you simply plant the seeds ten to fifteen inches apart, ensuring that you push them at least a half an inch below the soil's surface. They will begin to germinate in about seven to ten days. Nasturtium plants are very versatile and require very little care. You can literally tuck them into the ground at the end of your vegetable rows in the garden and they will help to keep insects off of your other plants because of the peppery leaves.

How to Grow

You can plan to grow your nasturtium plants in early spring if you begin them indoors or simply wait until the last frost has set and plant them outdoors. They prefer dry soil and require no fertilizer or other foods while growing. Make sure that the soil is drained well before planting and simply push them into the ground ensuring that you get them a half an inch to an inch below the surface. It takes only a few days for the large seedling to emerge from the ground and then you can literally watch them grow.

Buying Seeds

You can purchase nasturtium seeds from virtually all gardening centers or look online. There are a variety of online retailers that offer the seeds and they are very inexpensive, particularly considering that they grow with very little care. Take the time beforehand to determine the specific variety of nasturtium plants that you want. They come in varieties that are perfect for potting, climbing and bushing. If you decide to purchase the climbing variety make sure that you offer some sort of support when they begin to grow as they can easily reach heights of eighteen inches in a very short period of time. Garden trellises are an excellent way to support your climbing nasturtium plants and the blooms look lovely when climbing up the wall of your garden. You should note that nasturtium plants are very prone to attracting aphids. If you notice this problem you can simply wash the plants with an insecticidal soap being very careful not to damage the plant or the blooms.

Nasturtium Plants