Nasturtium Plant

Nasturtiums are very versatile plants that can withstand a bit of neglect and still thrive. They are a favorite plant of many due to this versatility as well as their beauty. And, the nasturtium plant is edible. In fact you can eat the leaves, flowers and even the seeds. They require very little care. Just a bit of water and some sunlight will keep them thriving. The leaves and flowers of the nasturtium plant have a peppery flavor much like spicy peppers and add the perfect zest to salads and pastas as well as many fish dishes. Seeds of the plant are often pickled and used to replace capers on salads, pizzas and various other cuisines. They are packed with Vitamin C and iron and can be grown virtually anywhere there is adequate soil and sunlight.

Care for Nasturtium Plants

Again, your nasturtium plant will require little care. You simply plant the seeds, water them about once per week and watch them grow. They come in various different species including dwarf, climbing and bushes. They grow best in the dry soil and require no fertilization or food for growth. In fact, feeding them or fertilizing them will keep them from producing numerous blooms. You will receive plenty of leaves and vegetation, but for the most abundant blooms it is best just to let them be. You should ensure that you plant them in a very well-drained area as they do not like their roots to get too wet.

Growing in Pots

The nasturtium plant grows abundantly in pots as well. Choose some semi-neglected soil for your pot and remember to place the seeds about an inch below the soil's surface. Water them only once a week for the best outcome. The dwarf varieties make excellent choices for potting and look beautiful on patios and other outdoor garden areas. The climbing varieties are good choices for garden trellises and walls or along your back yard fence provided you get plenty of sunlight in this area. There are also cascading varieties that are the perfect choice for hanging from baskets on your patio or porch.

Where to Purchase

Most nasturtium plants are sold as seeds. This is because they are so utterly easy to grow and generally begin to germinate in just about seven days or so. You may find a few gardening centers and online retailers that will provide you with a nasturtium plant but many prefer to simply purchase the seeds and grow their own plants at home. Select a retailer or gardening center that provides quality and healthy plants and seeds, particularly if you are purchasing online. This ensures that your nasturtium plant will be in good condition when you receive it and ready for planting in your garden or pot. Once they begin growing you can simply harvest the blooms and leaves for flavoring a variety of dishes or even cut them and showcase them in vases around the home. The splash of colors that they provide offers an excellent backdrop for floral arrangements.

Nasturtium Plant