Nasturtium Flowers FAQs

Nasturtiums have become very popular flowers because of their ease of growing, vibrant colors and the fact that they are edible. Here are a few nasturtium flowers FAQs that will help you to determine which species you may need and what to do with your lovely nasturtium plants.

How Easy Are They To Grow, Really? – Nasturtiums are among the easiest flowers in the world to grow. You literally have to plant them and leave them alone and they will thrive. Of course, you will need to ensure that you offer them a spot with plenty of direct sunlight and take care not to give them too much water. Beginning gardeners and children will find them very easy.

Are They Prone to Insect Damage? – Nasturtiums are prone to aphids and since they are edible, it is recommended that you do not use pesticides on them. You can however, wash them with mild soap and warm water and then rinse them well before you use them.

What Type of Soil Do I Need for Growing Nasturtium? – Dry soil is best. In fact, they thrive in semi-neglected conditions.

What Part of the Plant Is Edible? – The entire plant is edible. Nasturtium leaves and flower blooms provide a wonderful spicy flavor that is perfect on a variety of dishes. The seeds that come up after the blooms have wilted can be pickled and used as a good substitute for capers.

What Kind of Recipes Can I use Them in? – Nasturtiums can be used in any recipe that you want to give additional flavor. Many use them in soups and salads as well as a variety of dips, spreads and sauces for pasta and other foods. You can find many recipes online that call for the various parts of the plant or simply add them to your favorite recipe and create your own.

Where Can I Purchase Them? – You should be able to find nasturtium seeds and smaller plants at a variety of online and offline gardening centers. The plants and seeds are very inexpensive. Seeds can typically be purchased for just a couple of dollars for a packet of around 25 seeds. Plants normally cost around $5 or less per each plant. If you cannot find them at your local gardening center simply head to the internet. There are many different gardening sites with more information about the seeds and where to located and purchase them.

What Color Varieties Are There? – Nasturtium comes in a variety of vibrant colors and pastels. Basic colors include red, yellow and orange flowers and the leaves are typically bluish green. Other color species are also available however that may include scarlet, maroon, peach and a variety of other beautiful color choices.

Choosing to grow your own nasturtium is not difficult. Use these nasturtium flowers FAQs to help you to get started and then begin enjoying your own rich abundance of color in and around your garden. Be sure that you look up a few recipes before your plants are ready to harvest so that you can enjoy the spicy flavor of the plant as well.

Nasturtium Flowers FAQs